The Big Mobile Frustration
Get your personal liberty with just one decision: own your personal data by having your own mobile app services.

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Scott James | August 19, 2019

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Do you want your personal liberties everywhere you go? No tracking, surveillance or ads? Do you want to stop funding companies you disagree with? Let's solve the Big Mobile Frustration and our online ones too once and for all with one simple decision and action.

Every day in America, someone decides to change, update or upgrade their mobile phone service. They research service plans online from the mobile service carriers then visit the local carrier stores. Upgrades and new contracts are offering the latest new smartphones such as the new iPhone and a lineup of new Android smartphones. As they get closer to making a purchase decision, the Big Mobile Frustration sinks in: they can't use another phone from a different device maker - they're stuck. 

All their photos are on their current smartphone's photos app cloud service along with their contacts, calendars, and personal messaging. The next set of thoughts turn to the rest of their personal data scattered across all the other apps such as social networks. Then they will have to spend an hour re-downloading their apps and transferring settings all while trying to remember all those passwords. They wish there was an alternative where they owned and controlled it all and changing devices or communication services was much easier.  Something that aligns with their values too. 

Most of us are experiencing the Big Mobile Frustration whether we use a smartphone or not. We use personal assistants, such as Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant and cloud data services from the same Big Tech companies. For years, we have been using their online ones such as email, messaging and social network accounts from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and Facebook. With all the problems surfacing in the news every day, stuck is turning into a feeling of defeated. Where is our personal liberty and how do we get it back? The answer is hidden in plain sight and can be found by asking a critical question: do you pay attention to online or mobile phone Ads? 

Most of us don't however we put up with them knowing they are paying for a free social network account, an affordable streaming TV or music service, our email accounts and many other online services. Meanwhile we are becoming aware every day what the service providers true intentions are as they collect our personal data for advertisers: big profits, censorship, influence to change society to their morals and values, political election manipulation and other misuse of our personal data resulting in massive data breaches. It's why advertising continues to become far too intrusive, manipulative and Orwellian in nature as these companies seek to digitize every aspect of our lives. Now is the time to stop and do some critical thinking which concludes with a big revelation.

The Big Mobile Frustration is powered by a glaring economic flaw. The prevalent online advertising business model has been broken for years and is riddled with fraud. Further, the companies using the advertising model to subsidize free accounts and services are not allowing personal liberties and rights that belong to us on their platforms. If you don't pay attention to most online or mobile phone Ads, who is and where does the Advertiser get a return on investment (ROI)? Is the Ads showing up on the page that loads in the web browser or the bottom portion of a video enough? The truth is surfacing more every day. Advertisers are not getting good ROI and in most cases not any at all. False metrics and reports have been told to advertisers for years. Consider the following: 

- The biggest firms are Facebook and Alphabet (Google's parent), which rely on advertising for 97% and 88% of their gross sales revenues respectively. Their typical revenue reports and projections make no economic sense when compared to the advertising market size. (The Economist, January 2018).

- Facebook was caught lying about advertising results by 80% to as much as 900%. (Self Advertisier, April 2019, WSJ November 2018).

- A company was caught producing 196 million fake video views and advertising clicks on YouTube. There are many more like this, racking up advertisers bills on YouTube and making videos look more popular than they really are. (NYT, August 2018).

- A popular cracker brand recently found out 72% of their "Followers" on Instagram are fake. More brands are retailers are finding the similar problems. (The Drum, January 2019).

- "For traditional display formats, desktop web and smartphone apps were the two channels most vulnerable to fraud. For video formats, smartphone and tablet apps were the riskiest places to buy [advertising]." (Pixalate, February 2019)

There are many more facts and evidence proving the online advertising business model's problem and that companies using it as their main source of income are producing fake results leading to fake revenues for them. Further, we know online services with centralized access, such as a website to sign into and view a social network account or emails, are prime targets for online theft and attacks as many of us have all seen and experienced. From personal credit card accounts to emails and healthcare information, it's become clear individual liberty and control was not part of the design of most of today's online services. 

What do we do about it? Is breaking them up, suing them or adding more rules and regulations to an already too-big government the answer? No. We can work together to solve the Big Mobile Frustration and it's easy to do: own, control and take responsibility of our personal data.

The Big Mobile Frustration is powered by a glaring economic flaw. The prevalent online advertising business model has been broken for years and is riddled with fraud. Further, the companies using the advertising model to subsidize free accounts and services are not allowing personal liberties and rights that belong to us.

Self responsibility supported by full control of personal liberties and property by each citizen (decentralized governance) is a hallmark of America's exceptional design and a cornerstone of the USA's founding values. How we view and manage our personal data is no different than other property we own and have rights to. Upon coming to a clear understanding of the adverse affects on the lives of our fellow citizens and our great nation from the behavior and actions by large online service providers, we decided to make a personalized mobile data-cloud service based on the values most American's still want 242 years after it's founding. A safe alternative suite of essential mobile app services each citizen individually controls and can always trust because it's theirs. Now we can understand and have the exceptional American experience in our hands at any moment in a digital way without compromising our values, directly or indirectly funding companies and non-profit organizations we disagree with, and keep the good conveniences devices and online services provide while having independent device mobility. We invite you to declare your mobile independence and enjoy a whole new way to experience American Liberty.

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