"Hi Blu. What is the status of order HERO-1234567890123456?"
Blueskin "Blu" Washington

Meet Blu, a retired U.S. veteran steed ready to assist you at your convenience. Blu assists with general inquiries, connects clients with another person for further assistance and directs tailor shop orders to our team of makers as he learns his new role.

To get advanced personal assistance from Blu and our client assistants, register for EagleFire Club using your phone's messaging app by texting "sign me up for EagleFire club" to our workshop phone number:
+1 (402) 204 - 1776

You can message Blu with your basic inquiries anytime by visiting EagleFireMobile.com via your mobile web browser and using the search and assist section on the menu. You can also use your preferred messaging app associated with your mobile phone number. When you register with us, you will not be signed up for announcements or messages you do not want to receive. Every communication to or from us is voluntary and controlled by you.

The only messages you will receive are responses to information related to your experience with us. Please continue to use your smart-phone or other device virtual assistant for general tasks such as placing calls, sending messages to others, making dinner reservations, playing music, getting directions, etc.

Your messages are only associated with your mobile phone number and are never personally identified in our databases and systems. They are not sold to or shared with third parties, harvested by computing cloud service companies for marketing or data analysis and are secured during conversations using the best technology security standards available. The only messages Blu remembers are the ones you tell him to so you can have a personable experience with our entire team of client assistants.

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